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Quotes I had postpartum depression with my first child and didn't want to go down that path again with my second child. I heard about placenta encapsulation and was very interested. I decided it was worth it not to go through depression again. I texted Mary the morning I had my baby. She arrived at the hospital a few hours later. She did a wonderful job explaining the placenta to me. She delivered the capsules by that same day. I was impressed. I have noticed a huge difference just by taking 1-2 capsules a day. I have so much energy and confidence! I can actually enjoy being a mom to a newborn! I highly recommend placenta pills and Mary Cleveland! Quotes
Heather H.
Satisfied Mom

Quotes After suffering from Postpartum Depression with my first 3 children, I was very nervous about going through it all again with my fourth child. After taking with Mary about the benefits of placenta encapsulation, I was eager to try it out. I did not have to do anything except have a baby and Mary took care of the rest! She delivered my capsules to me on the second day postpartum so I could start taking them by day 3. I am amazed by how I feel! Not only have I not experienced any depression symptoms, but I am sleeping better and I have more energy. I have been able to truly bond with my son and enjoy this special time of my life for really the first time! I wish I had known about placenta encapsulation with my first child but I am so thankful to finally feel like a normal new mom. Mary is wonderful and her services are priceless. She truly saved me! Quotes
Sara Sayre

Quotes Mary encapsulated my placenta for me when my baby was around 2.5 months old. (I had kept the placenta in the deep freeze, undecided if I wanted to try encapsulation). My only regret is that I didn't have her do it immediately after the birth! The biggest effect I noticed was an instant mood booster. Previously, as my post-partum hormones shifted and tried to even out, I (and my family!) felt like I was on a continual emotional roller coaster. Taking a pill when I started to get stressed out or depressed helped immensely! My husband (ever a critic of this kind of thing) was sold, and suddenly HE was begging me to please not forget to take them! I'm definitely planning on using the services of Omaha Placenta Encapsulation, RIGHT AWAY, after the birth of my next baby! :) Quotes
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Quotes I had a post-partum hormonal imbalance that caused an itchy rash that covered my body. My doctor treated it as yeast, but I still had it after treatment. I started the pills at 3 weeks pp, and within a day the itchy rash was gone, and my bleeding had completely stopped! I have had more energy and feel great!! Thanks Mary! Quotes
Happy Mama!

Quotes I am SO glad I got my placenta encapsulated. Mary was so professional and prompt; she answered all of my questions and had wonderful advice for me regarding all the other "new mom" questions I had. I credit my placenta pills with the fact that I didn't bleed hardly at all (almost NO bleeding after 10 days), my milk supply evened out within a few weeks, and I never really experienced 'baby blues.' They came in especially handy when I went back to work. I had a lot of anxiety leaving my daughter, but after taking one pill, I felt energized and secure in my decision to leave her with a great nanny and go back to work. Definitely will be using Mary again with any future children! Quotes
Madison S.
Happy Mom!

Quotes It's hard for me to say how well the pills themselves are working because I didn't feel like a postpartum zombie with this child like I did with my first & haven't felt the need to use them much. They made me feel like I was in a great mood after taking them & felt mental clarity, no "mommy brain." I consider myself lucky this pregnancy didn't leave me zombified, & save the rest for hormonal issues like PMS and menopause. I wish I had done this with my first child, I bet it would have made a really big difference. Mary did a great job - prompt, courteous, responded to emails & texts in a timely fashion, kept in touch for months of my pregnancy, answering all of my questions as they came up. I probably asked her the same questions over & over, forgetting I had already asked, or forgetting what the answer was (pregnancy brain). I definitely recommend Mary's services to anyone. I regret not doing it with my first kid. Even if you're unsure that you'll need them, get them, just in case. Quotes
Mommy of two

Quotes Being a believer of keeping things as natural as possible, placenta encapsulation was the way to go with my last birth. While tandem nursing two boys I became pregnant with my third son and my milk just disappeared! From mid-pregnancy on I was terrified that I would have a low milk supply with this baby. Soon after parting with my placenta, I was presented with it once again in a new form. Thanks to Mary, taking my placenta pills gave me the milk I needed to feed my baby and much more! I have never before had a surplus of milk to keep, but with baby #3 I have a nice stash and am able to keep up with the demands of a hungry baby! Among the many other reasons to contact Mary, this was my main joy and benefit of having my placenta encapsulated. Quotes
Chelsea Henning
Happy Mommy of 3

Quotes What an amazing idea! Mary was so prompt and sweet with the process! I got the capsules a few days after baby was born. I felt amazing once I started taking them I had so much energy, less bleeding and not for very long, more milk, and was in a great mood with no weepy days! I will have this done again! Quotes

Quotes My experience with placenta encapsulation has been one of amazement. I started taking my placenta pills when my 6th child was about 6 months old. Prior to this I had a permanent cold that I couldn't seem to shake and so I was waiting for the illness to go away so I could start benefiting from the placenta pills. I found myself getting up earlier, going to bed later, and I found I had energy that I never knew I possessed right in the middle of the afternoon. My milk supply increased noticeably and my toddler began to nurse 5-7 times per day instead of 3 times per day because he said "there is still milk left mommy? I love tandem nursing and can honestly say I am not positive I would have been able to keep it up this long (16 months now) without taking my placenta pills. I am trying to make them last, so I take one large pill every 3-6 days. If I go too long without one, I notice within 24 hours. For me this feels natural and normal.... so WHY NOT DO IT??? Quotes
Nicci Walla
Childbirth Educator, Mom, Doula and more....

Quotes You take a few of the capsules a day and they are like little pills of magic happiness. Seriously, I feel awesome. The first few days after the birth were a bit of a blur, I didn't get much sleep and was crawling through the days. Then baby started to sleep and I started taking these magic pills and I feel AWESOME. I woke up yesterday singing, "I'm walking on sunshine...yeah" and today singing Top Of The World by the Carpenters. Seriously I did. Local gals, I encourage you to check out Mary Cleveland's page for more info. She is also a doula, a mother and a beautiful person inside and out. And she also dried up the umbilical cord into a heart. How precious is that?! What a beautiful keepsake. So, I know that one day when Alasdair brings home a fiance and I pull out the heart shaped umbilical cord to show her, she might be a *little* freaked out and might hear horror movie sound effects going off in her head, but it's all good, right? Quotes


  • "After suffering from Postpartum Depression with my first 3 children, I was very nervous about going through it all again with my fourth child. After taking with Mary about the b..."
    Sara Sayre
  • "I am extremely grateful that I was able to find Mary Cleveland to encapsulate my placenta. With my son, I had low milk supply issues about 3 months in, and this was my main reas..."
  • "Being a believer of keeping things as natural as possible, placenta encapsulation was the way to go with my last birth. While tandem nursing two boys I became pregnant with my t..."
    Chelsea Henning
    Happy Mommy of 3